When Payless closed, I was so bummed, it was one of my favorite stores that I loved to shop at. Well, it looks like it may be coming back.

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Payless will begin slowly reopening around 300 to 400 stores nationwide within the next four to five years, according to dealplus.com. However, there is a way that you can shop here in the Tri-States, the company has relaunched their website which is up and running now.

The inventory online is updated and fresh new looks for everyone in the family. I am constantly on a budget when it comes to buying clothes and shoes for my girls, so it’s really nice to see Payless back in some way.

My girls go through so many shoes, I really hate spending over $60 on a pair of sneakers that I know they will only get a few months out of. Knowing that Payless is slowly coming back gives me a little piece of mind, and who knows, maybe Quincy/Hannibal will get a stand-alone store if the relaunch is a success.

With businesses closing due to the pandemic and other reasons, it’s nice to see a company try and bounce back. Plus, it gives me a reason to buy more shoes that I know my husband will be happy about!


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