Fall is prime time for corn mazes in the midwest but it's not often you'll find a sunflower maze. This twist on the maze craze is coming to Quincy for the first time this weekend.

Terripin Farms and Four Winds Farm are inviting customers to explore their new Sunflower Maze starting Saturday, Aug. 22.

Sunflower season is at its prime right now, but the huge blooms only last about two weeks, so now's the time to get out to see them and take some incredible pictures.

The maze costs $5 per person. You can also tour the gardens at Four Winds Farm and pick your own flowers for $6 per 15 stems.

The Sunflower Maze is located at the Terripin Farms stand at 3729 N. 36th St. in Quincy. It is open from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. from Saturday Aug. 22 through Monday, Aug. 31. Terripin Farms will also have fresh, homegrown produce for sale.

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