What is the weirdest fact about the state of Missouri? Is it the fact that the state capital has been rebuilt THREE times, a video breaks down a bunch of interesting facts I have no idea about!

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This YouTube video was uploaded to YouTube back in May of this year by a YouTube channel called Wiser Living Reality, and it is a short 10-minute video breaking down some really strange and interesting facts about the Show-Me State of Missouri, including how it got the nickname the Show-Me State!

So this video gives us a bunch of facts about Missouri but I have 3 favorite facts that I learned from this video that I had no idea were true before I watched the video. The first one is that the KKK tried to sponsor a highway and the state couldn't legally deny them their sponsorship so instead the state legislature just renamed the highway after Rosa Parks, how awesome is that!?!? What a cool way to stick it to the KKK, way to go Missouri. Secondly that Missouri was the first state to ever host an Olympics, the 1904 Summer Olympics, which took place in St. Louis. And the third fact that I had no idea about Missouri is that it has a state Dinosaur, the dinosaur is called a Hadrosaur, which according to Wikipedia, is a duck-billed dinosaur, and lived during the late Cretaceous period.

This video is a fun one to watch if you want to impress your friends with weird facts like I like to do, what is the weirdest fact you know about Missouri?

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