Deep Dish Pizza is so beloved that a young chef in New Zealand is going viral for a video she posted of her making a deep-dish pizza, what she calls the "State Food of Illinois" check out the video for yourself here!

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The video was uploaded only 3 days ago and already has over 55,000 views, it was uploaded to the YouTube Channel called Your New Zealand Family, a channel that has over 160,000 subscribers.

The girl chef who is cooking the deep dish pizza is named Atlanta and her reactions throughout the video to the size and how heavy the pizza is are hilarious. She also says she has never made a deep dish pizza before, or even tried a deep dish pizza before. Around the 9 minutes 30-second mark of the video when the pizza is done cooking it is great to see her whole family's reaction to cutting into the pizza and watching the iconic long cheese stretch as she lifts up a piece of the pizza. I will say that the family all really enjoys the pizza and she looks like she did a great job cooking it!

I will say that the only thing that I will criticize this video for is that they all use knives and forks to eat their deep dish I will give them a pass because they are first-timers from another country, but you gotta put the silverware down and go for it, that is half of the fun of eating deep dish is how messy it is to eat. If you want to try making the pizza that Atlanta made for her family you can find the recipe she used by clicking here!

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