LEGO stores are known for having unique displays and some big-time YouTube LEGO fans filmed a video of them exploring in their words an "Insane" LEGO store experience here in the Land of Lincoln.

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The video was posted just this past week and already has over 14 thousand views, it was posted on the YouTube channel called Emmasaurus, she says in her channel bio...

"I got into LEGO in 2017 and have been obsessed ever since. This channel features my journey while discovering my love for LEGO! I post vlogs, LEGO City content, and live stream LEGO builds. If you're into any of that, or maybe just here for positive vibes, make sure to stick around!"

So if you're into LEGO you may want to give her a follow she has over 37 thousand subscribers.

In this video, she visits the LEGO Store in Chicago and shows off all the cool LEGO versions of the famous Chicago buildings outside the store like the Sears Tower (Willis Tower), the John Hancock, Marina City, and even a LEGO version of Buckingham Fountain!

I never was into LEGO as a kid, I was too fascinated by remote control cars and playing football to have time for anything else, but as I have gotten older I have grown to really appreciate how cool LEGO sets are, LEGO makes sets for people of all ages and interests if you're into Architecture they have mini versions of famous buildings from around the World, they also have Star Wars, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Disney, and so many others.

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