You say you've always wanted to try out an Airbnb? You've seen some unique places to get away from it all - some on these pages - and you're intrigued, but you don't want to travel a long way from home.

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Boy, do I have something for you.

If you are in the Hannibal/Quincy area, you are less than an hour away from a unique, "cabin on the prairie" Airbnb experience.

It's called Audrey's Abode, and it can be found south of Interstate 72 and east of U.S. 67, just south of Jacksonville, Illinois.

Audrey's Abode does have a Quincy area connection. It's described as a real, historic log cabin that was relocated from Lima, Illinois, north of Quincy.

It took eight years, but this cabin has been fully restored and located on what is referred to as a hobby farm.

When we say fully restored, start with a fully equipped kitchen, complete with refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker and washer and dryer. They've also included pots, pans and dishes if you'd like bring food and fix a meal.

The most recent review from "Carrie" described Audrey's Abode as, "a favorite spot for an occasional personal retreat. The cabin is quite spacious, very cozy and absolutely lovely! I want to bring friends soon and have a girls' weekend."

Wanna have a look? Scroll on.

Airbnb on the Prairie - Audrey's Abode

A look at Audrey's Abode, an Airbnb south of Jacksonville, IL

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