Halloween is here and if you want to spend the night in one of the best-known haunted Airbnb you don't have to wait until next October to do that.

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Thrillist put together a list of the best haunted Airbnbs to book whenever you want, and there is one that is semi-close to the Tri-States. It's a drive to get to St. Paul, Minnesota, but worth the drive when you plan on staying at an 1833 castle-like manor. It really looks like a mini castle.

The Airbnb has one queen-sized mattress and one air mattress, so there is not much room, but the experience you will get is worth the money. Supposedly, the little castle is haunted by a young girl who died in 1908. She has been known to haunt the manor in her all-white dress which she has been seen in. As far as I could tell it looks like she is a friendly ghost and does no harm to any guests that have stayed.

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The manor does have some history to it. It was built in 1883 and remained in the same family for several generations. A local newspaper has also voted it as one of the most mysterious houses in the area. It has a large enclosed courtyard for all those cold winter nights in Minnesota, a picnic area, and is very close to the downtown area. Inside, the manor has been updated but is decorated with antiques and oddities throughout the house.

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