When you have too much time on your hands, this is what happens. It's a map that shows all the places in the tri-state area that Bigfoot has been sighted.

I'm always fascinated when people claim they saw a Bigfoot. Many times the witnesses are very sincere people who may or may not have seen the creature, but I don't doubt that THEY think they saw something weird.

Check out this handy Bigfoot map where you can view places where Sasquatch has been spotted in the tri-states and all around the country.

The Crypto Crew are apparently the group that put that data together in map form. Here are a few of the sightings in our neck of the woods from their map:

8/27/2000 - 3 men witness a bigfoot in Lamalees creek

11/03/12 - While driving down a gravel road the driver sees a bigfoot. He manages to take a photo

3/10/15 - Woman has several rock thrown into the water and sees a large hairy creature

6/14/17 - Bonaparte Bigfoot team find very large track and make a casting of it

I'm not sure how often this map is updated, but I'd love to see more reports added to it as I have heard anecdotal stories from friends about experiences in the backwoods. Specifically, I know the wooded areas of west-central Illinois and northeast Missouri must have some mysterious creature hiding in them. Wouldn't you think?

At least you can play around with this Bigfoot map for now while we hope for more reports to start flooding in.

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