Honestly I saw ESPN's list of the Top 100 players in the NFL for this upcoming season, and it is crazy how much they love the Kansas City Chiefs, but I don't think they are wrong...

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The Kansas City Chiefs are a really great football team, 3 straight AFC Championship games, 2 straight Super Bowl appearances, 1 Super Bowl win, and an MVP for their young star Quarterback. They are my favorites to win the AFC again this year, and if I had to put money on any team to win the Super Bowl this year the Chiefs are the safest bet in my opinion. All that being said it still shocked me how in love with the Chiefs ESPN is.

ESPN posted an article in which they try to predict who will be the best players in the NFL this upcoming season, and when they got to the Top 10 on this list it shocked some people to see THREE Chiefs players taking up top 10 spots. They have TE Travis Kelce ranked as the 10th best player, WR Tyreek Hill as the 5th best player, and Quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the best player in the NFL.

What is interesting to me is that ESPN has Kelce as the highest ranked Tight End, Hill as the highest ranked Wide Receiver, and Mahomes as the highest ranked Quarterback, and honestly... I don't disagree.

There is no real argument to be made that any QB is better than Mahomes right now, or in the near future, and I would want Hill over any WR going into this year, as well as Kelce over any other TE going into this year. BUT... If you are making me choose a WR or a TE to build around I would take the younger more physical Kittle at TE for the next 3 to 5 years over Kelce, and I would take the bigger more physical Adams at WR for 3 to 5 years over Hill. Short term I agree with ESPN, Hill and Kelce are the best going into this year, but it's a different story if I am trying to build around one of them long term.

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