If you wanted to start a YouTube channel where you always knew you'd have plenty of videos to share, what would you do? The answer for one channel I found is to feature nothing but videos from bad Missouri drivers. They have a ton of them.

One of the channels is called Missouri Dashcam. They shame feature the exploits of Missourians behind the wheel. They appear to be cutting people some slack though based on this new status update:

a small amount of people featured aren't bad drivers, it's just someone making a mistake. The new series title highlights the action rather than the actor.

Right. These people aren't bad drivers, they're just...challenged. NOTE: do yourself a favor and watch this muted unless you enjoy hearing bad words. Lots and lots of NSFW bad words. You have been warned.

There are channels devoted to specific areas like Bad Drivers of St. Louis happens to be.

STL Dashcam is another that documents the driving fails of the Show Me State.

The fact that so many people are sharing videos of bad Missouri driving makes sense if you remember that WalletHub ranked Missouri at #40 among the worst states to drive in earlier this year. Ouch.

This is probably not a statistic we will want to brag about at the next family reunion. Based on these videos, let's hope our relatives travel by train.

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