Besides first responders having a really tuff year, teachers are finding ways to bring learning to life during the pandemic.

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From remote learning, to getting creative in the classroom, teachers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Not only are they having to learn "the new way" of teaching, but then to teach their students and keep them engaged. When my girls both were quarantine, keeping kiddos engaged on a computer screen is not an easy thing to do. Over the weekend, one teacher, who couldn't take his class on a yearly trip to the zoo, zoomed his whole class while he himself took his computer and made sure all of his students could experience the animals at he zoo.

I have been impressed with my daughters teachers, in the way they are able to make learning fun, during a school year that has been stressful and extremely hard to get through. So, here we are a year later when schools started closing, back in school with reduced COVID guidelines, numbers down, and students smiling again to be back in class leaning.

So, to all the teachers out there, thank you. It's been a crazy year, but a year were you have triumphed, succeeded (and maybe failed) and learned that you can get through anything. The patience you have with doing both remote and in-person learning, the extra work that you have to do at night away from your family, and waking up everyday and having some normalcy for your students I am so amazed by it and has not been unnoticed.

Your strength to push through and teach this year it should be noticed by everyone in this community. From this parent thank you is never going to be enough, but thank you for making the hardest year of your career, and you students, a fun and unforgettable year.

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