After a four month shutdown one of Quincy's long standing and popular restaurants will re-open today.  Sprouts Restaurant, at 12th and Koch's Lane, will re-open after COVID-19 forced its closure.

Sprouts opened in 1940 when Sprout and Evelyn McClean opened Sprout's Tavern at 1029 Broadway in Quincy. Sprout ended up serving his country during World War Two while Evelyn handled the day to day duties at the tavern. When Sprout returned home his business grew and he eventually relocated Sprouts to its current location of 2814 North 12th Street in 1948. The restaurant has been a favorite ever since.

It did have to close down in 2012 when it was gutted by a 4-alarm fire in June of that year. The family rebuilt the business and remained open until November of last year when they closed due to the pandemic.

Sprouts offers lunch and dinner each day and breakfast on the weekends as well. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and is open Tuesday through Sunday.  Their phone number is (217) 223-6294.

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