These nurses in this Missouri Hospital are now better equipped to keep themselves safe from, not the virus, but from the people that they are there to help.

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Nurses in a Missouri hospital will now have the ability to quickly get help when they are under attack from a patient this according to a story from In the article on their website, they say that the hospital called Cox Medical Center in Branson, Missouri has given their nurses and staff "Panic Buttons" to use in the event they fall under attack from a patient. In the article they say...

"Cox Medical Center Branson, located about 44 miles from Springfield, said it was implementing the added protection after violent assaults by patients tripled in the last year. According to hospital data, total assaults rose from 40 to 123 and total injuries climbed from 17 to 78."

They go on to talk about the fact that the panic button can help them fill that critical void when the staff is alone and has no way to reach out for help. These panic buttons should be available to the employees by the end of this year and are being funded mainly through a grant program. To read the full story for yourself just click here!

I am astounded by the fact that the number of violent assaults by patients on these hospital workers has tripled in literally just one year, I applaud the Cox Medical Center in Branson for not taking these assaults as just some sort of fluke and making the safety of their staff a priority. In the article, they talk about how hospital staff believes that the pandemic has played a role in the increase of violence towards the staff, and frankly with the numbers being what they are, how could you blame them for thinking that way?

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