I'll warn you now this is one of the strangest UFO reports you'll ever see. It began in Rolla and ended in West Plains, Missouri. The report claims beings stalked a man, communicated with him via radio and other devices and may have killed his cat.

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This is a brand new report to the National UFO Reporting Center from West Plains, Missouri. According to the details provided, this encounter lasted over a period of 8 months. Here are the exact words of the eyewitness abbreviated only for space:

This started in Rolla, Mo., when a high-pitched or low-pitched frequency and subsequent contact with an extra-terrestrial has continued, from me moving from Rolla this year to West Plains. The being will talk through voices from radio, videos on computer, music or television. Flies and other insects are drawn to the being and will freeze, such as in the video, I'm attaching, for some length until it moves into a different room.

This has continued for nearly a year, and I've had a rash on my face, and my skin color fade from tan to completely white, differing each day, as well as my face swelling up and then proceeding to go down instantly back to its normal shape. When the flies freeze though in place, so does my face, where it looks nothing like my actual self, with my eyes smaller, and forehead and cheeks tight.

They also added that there "were electrical or magnetic effects, Entities were seen, Missing time was experienced, Marks found on body afterwards, Animals reacted to the event".

It appears the person may have attached a video that has (as of this writing) not been shared by the National UFO Reporting Center. That would be helpful in validating what this person says happened. If there are marks on their body, that is something that can be analyzed.

The claim that the "being" draws insects that "freeze" is something I've never heard before involving a UFO encounter. As someone who actually does talk on the radio, I'd like to know if E.T. is trying to take my job, too. I kid.

The fact that this person says they have been physically affected is more than a little concerning. I'm hopeful whoever made this report is getting some medical (and maybe mental) assistance. Seriously. This person is perhaps being assaulted by something more sinister than "aliens".

One other dire note on the report is the person said their cat died from a rare variation of a virus during this creepy episode.

You can read the entire strange report yourself and see if you've ever heard of anything like this. I can absolutely say that this is a first for me.

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