By their nature UFO sightings tend to be strange. Even by that standard, this Missouri report is weird. A man claims to have see a huge Tic Tac-like object in the sky over his home. Seriously.

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This is one of the most recent reports on the National UFO Reporting Center website. This happened in Eugene, Missouri the night of September 27, 2022 and was reported just a few days after that. I want to make sure I am clear about a couple things. First, I'm not making fun of him. Truly, I am not. He's trying to describe something strange he saw and is using something we're all familiar with to try and explain it. Second, here are his exact words so I don't misrepresent him:

Cloudless, clear and calm morning. Stepped outside onto my patio. Spotted this Tic Tac UFO over my roof line. Guesstimated to be 100ft elevation, 100 yards away. Guesstimated size is 12 ft length, 5 ft diameter.
Pure white with no seams, rivets, appendages, exhaust, sound ... just a cylinder of white that remained motionless.
After about 10 seconds of observation, I moved to my back yard to get a closer view, but this move blocked my view with my house being in line of sight.
Once I made it to a better and closer vantage point, (about 10 seconds later0, it was no where to be seen.

I will give him real credit for being specific. By the way, he's not alone in using a Tic Tac to describe a UFO. A rather famous UFO sighting by the US Nave was explained the same way.

It's easy to laugh at reports like this, but I don't think there's any question about the fact that something strange is happening in our skies. The big question is WHAT are we dealing with and WHAT are their intentions?

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