Many people have claimed to see strange lights in the sky that zoom by in a matter of seconds and then disappear. A recent Missouri UFO report however claims that a diamond-shaped UFO spied on them for 30 minutes and they have a pic to prove it.

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This new report from Missouri on the National UFO Reporting Center website documents the whole ordeal. According to the description, this happened late at night on August 24, 2022 in Imperial, Missouri. Here's the word-for-word account from the eyewitness to the "alien surveillance":

Object accelerated through the sky heading south then stopped and headed north and remained stationary. Object is still stationary

Object still in sky, appears to be doing surveillance. Was rapidly moving south then switched trajectory to North. Object is now stationary.

The testimony goes on to say that the episode continued for 30 minutes and there were lights on the vehicle. But wait, there's more. Their report includes a picture of the object. It does look...peculiar.

The only aircraft I'm aware of that can remain stationary and airborne are helicopters and they obviously rarely move as quickly as the light described by this Missourian. It can't be a meteor since they don't stop and then start moving again.

Since Imperial, Missouri is located just south of St. Louis, I'd be curious if the air traffic controllers at the airport in St. Louis noticed anything unusual that late August night. Something like this surely would have appeared on their radar, right?

As it stands, it's a UFO report worth paying attention to since the person did include a picture of what they witnessed.

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