It's not unusual to see something unusual in the sky, but it is uncommon to follow one for more than 30 minutes which is what a Missouri man claims happened to him recently.

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The National UFO Reporting Center documents the testimony of a Missouri man who was on his way home from Camdenton to Licking. Here are his exact words of what he witnessed the afternoon of May 23, 2022:

I followed it for approximately 30 minutes pr so while on my way home from work.?

It did not seem to be moving. If it was moving it appeared to not be. It was hard to tell if it was a disk or a cylinder. I was on my way home (Licking, MO) from Camdenton, MO on Highway 5 and it looked to be above or in the general vicinity of Fort Leonard, MO

That last part is key. "Near Fort Leonard, Missouri" meaning near the US Army base. Before you judge and think this guy is seeing things, check out the pictures he shared of what he saw. It is an unusual looking cylinder.

Could this be a US military craft that is classified? Sure. But, that would be more likely near Whiteman Air Force Base and not Fort Leonard Wood. If you are a believer that extraterrestrial vehicles are real, the argument could be made that "someone or something" was surveying the army base.

I admit I would be skeptical if not for the pictures the guy shared. Truly strange. I don't know what it is, but the truth is definitely out there (or up there).

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