A Missouri man noticed two strange things in his backyard. First, he saw a bear which is not normal for his part of the state. Second, the bear had two different tones of fur.

Alex Wiggs explained his reaction to a color-changing apex predator feeding in his backyard:

Bear (color phase) sighting in my back yard in Missouri! I always felt confident in believing that I was at the top of the food chain when I was in the woods.... not any more!! LOL!

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The North American Black Bear Center has some interesting stats about bears and their different color phases. They added this interesting note:

Some non-black black bears bleach in the sun. New dark brown fur can bleach to nearly blond by the time it is shed the next summer.

The bear this Missouri guy captured video of reminds me of that time when a friend of mine got in a tanning booth and forgot to roll over. Whoops.

It was only a few weeks ago that the Missouri Department of Conservation warned us that we'd likely see more bears in the future as populations seem to be migrating from the northern states in the Midwest further south.

I'm not certain exactly what's going on with this Missouri bear. However, now that this guy knows that bears are nearby, might be a good idea to not leave any type of food or feed in the yard.

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