Even if you stare at trail cam videos for days on end, it's not likely you'll see anything remotely as cool as what appeared on this Midwestern trail cam. It was a stunning black wolf that got curious with the camera.

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Voyageurs Wolf Project which is located in the northern part of the Midwest shared this amazing trail cam video with a brief backstory:

The black wolf is back and what a nice look at it!! In fact, this is the most—and arguably best—footage of a black wolf our project has captured!

This looks like a fairly young wolf, but what an animal.

This big boy is not alone. I believe he's part of one of the only wolf packs in America that is made up of nearly all black alphas.

What are the odds of seeing this many black wolves especially in the Midwest? Slim and none is the simple answer although they mention on the 2nd video share that black wolves only make up around 1% of the population in our part of America. That's extremely rare and it's quite something to capture so many crystal clear moments of them on a trail cam. I give that a big WOW.

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