We all have had fast food experiences that were less than positive. But sometimes the experiences at fast food restaurants can be a disaster. If you are trying to avoid a disastrous fast food experience then you may want to avoid this town in Illinois, here is why...

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A website called Lawnstarter.com just came out with a ranking of the Best Cities for Fast Food in 2023, and according to their rankings Aurora, Illinois comes in 199th out of 200 cities for Quality fast food. On the site they say...

"LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities to rank 2023’s Best Cities for Fast Food Lovers. We looked for cities with access to plenty of fast-food establishments. We also considered affordability and quality, including Thrillist’s Fasties Awards. "

So out of the 200 most populated cities in the United States, Aurora finishes 199th as far as quality fast food goes. Every city is ranked in 3 categories Quality, Affordability, and Access, Aurora ranks 129th in Access, 63rd in Affordability, and 191st overall out of the 200.

Where do some of the other notable cities from Illinois and Missouri fall on this list? Chicago comes in 5th place, Naperville (IL) in 40th, St. Louis in 58th, Springfield (MO) in 60th,  and Kansas City in 99th place, to see the full list of lawnstarter.com's Best Cities for Fast Food Lovers in 2023 just click here!

Quality of the fast food in the town you live in is important, we all have places across the Tri-States where we will no longer eat at because the quality of the food there is so bad.

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