A Missouri mom had just gotten up to change her daughter's diaper when she noticed that something was terribly wrong. She was having a problem breathing which could have taken her life, but a hero Missouri paramedic came to her rescue.

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KSHB in Kansas City just shared a video report of this story on Rumble. It's about Tajanea Allen of Kansas City who's daughter faced a life and death situation. That 911 call led to paramedic Richard Duchaine arriving at the home where he could not feel any breathing from Tajanea's daughter Kimaya or detect a heartbeat, so he took action.

After checking for an obstruction in her airway and doing compressions and back thrusts, he could tell the little girl was becoming active again. She resumed breathing and is now believed to be fine with no medical issues from that episode. It's all thanks to a mother's instincts and the fast action of a Missouri paramedic who was just doing his job. But, that now means a family will not deal with tragedy and a little girl in the Kansas City area will now have a bright future.

We call men and women like Richard Duchaine heroes because that's exactly what they are. Everyday heroes.

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