I can hear the jingle now, "Merkels is the right choice." 

Merkels had everything, from tool sot sporting goods if you needed it, they probably had it. After being in business for over 100 years, the land that Merkels was located (1724 Spring) was purchased and in 2008 the store closed their doors for good.

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The business was in the family for four generations, but back in 2008 it just the right time to close the doors and move on, according to an article published in the Quincy Herald Whig in 2008

I loved going in that store when it was around. I got my track gear there when I was in junior high and high school, from my cleats to leg warmers, it was my one stop shop for everything track and field for me. When I found it it was going to close, it was a part of my history with Quincy, and I sure Quincy's history, that was disappearing.

The location of the former Merkels store is now a parking lot for The Abbey restaurant, and everything time I go there to eat a memory of going to Merkels to buy what I needed for my track season comes back. It got me thinking of all the stores that we have lost (that I can remember) and wish were still here.

  • KB Toys
  • Barrels N Bins
  • Diamond Dave's
  • LensCrafters
  • Jacks (which later became ShopKo)
  • K's Merchandise
  • Santino's Mexican Restaurant

I look forward to see new businesses come to the Quincy area, and always remember to shop local as much as you can.

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