The Tri-State Veterans Support (TSVS) has announced that it has been able to distribute $2,000 in grants, to four organizations, to help local veterans that have been affected by COVID-19.

“The TSVS was very humbled and honored to have been selected to receive a national grant from the National Veterans Initiative (NVI), and was then able to redistribute that money to our wonderful partnering organizations to help our local veterans that have been adversely effected by this debilitating virus.”, stated Richard Elsenpeter.

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The four organizations chosen to each receive a $500 grant from the TSVS organization were: The Salvation Army – Quincy, the Illinois Veterans Home, YWCA – Quincy, and Douglas Community Center in Hannibal, MO.

The Tri-State Veterans Support is not a single individual, group, or initiative, but a consortium of local, state and national organizations that service veterans and veteran needs, in the tri-state region.

Collectively, the TSVS believes that all of their partnering groups are a wonderful resource for the community at a whole, but by working together, they can be a much more powerful and effective asset to our local veterans. By networking with our diverse partners, they are collectively seeking to improve their services to our local heroes. The United Way of Adams County is a fiscal sponsor of T.S.V.S.

Photos of the check presentations are listed below.  Any additional questions about T.S.V.S. can be directed to Richard Elsenpeter at 217-335-3338.

Illinois Veterans Home - Richard Elsenpeter, Tri-State Veterans Support Chair & Troy Culbertson, IVH Director. Photo: TSVS
Salvation Army, Quincy - Captain Kristina Sjogren, Captain Michael Sjogren, Anthony Templeton, Heidi Welty & Richard Elsenpeter. Photo : TSVS
Douglass Community Services - Richard Elsenpeter, TSVS Chair and Stephanie Cooper, Director. Photo: TSVS
YWCA, Quincy - Richard Elsenpeter, TSVS Chair, Maria Rench, YWCA Director and Aliyah Harrison. Photo: TSVS