According to Google it is a TIE for what is the BEST Bar in Quincy.

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Now it is no secret if you listen to "Mornings with Mark and Sam" that I am a fan of the bars in the Tri-States. There are fantastic bars all over our area, and living in Quincy is especially great for bar lovers like myself because of the many different choices you have. There are sports bars, wine bars, corner pubs, college bars, late night spots, fancy bars, and everything in between. When I moved here two years ago from Chicago people kept telling me there is an old saying in Quincy "There use to be a Bar and Church on every street corner" so it's not shocking to me that when I googled "Best Bar in Quincy, IL" the results came back with a TIE.

So here is what I did, I went to Google, I typed in the search bar "Best Bar in Quincy IL" you will see a map and then businesses with their "Star" rating, I clicked on "view all" and filtered to bars that had a 4.5+ "star" rating, and then found that there are two bars with over 40 reviews at tied with 4.8 out of 5 star ratings and those bars are...

I love both of these places and would give them both 5 out of 5 star ratings for sure! There are tons of other great Quincy Bars that deserve to be ranked 5 out of 5 as well, so show some support to your favorite local place and leave them a great review on Google! Which Quincy Bar is your favorite?

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