"Disco Fries" are on the menu this weekend at a Quincy establishment, so what are they...?

So anytime I am cruising Facebook and I see something delicious related to food cross my timeline it immediately catches my eye, usually it is a picture of a giant tenderloin, or a tasty looking new beer, but this time it was purely a description item on a menu called "Disco Fries".

I saw the posting about these "Disco Fries" from an event hosted by the Quincy Brewing Company, apparently this Saturday (April, 10th) they are hosting a food truck, in their back patio area, called 8te Open Food Truck and their menu looks incredible! To see the full menu of what they are offering this Saturday starting at 1pm at Quincy Brewing Company click here! BUT let's get back to the question at hand, what are "Disco Fries"? Well on the menu it says they are fries covered in delicious things like beer cheese, bacon, scallions, and sausage gravy...YA THAT SOUNDS AMAZING.

They are offering other items too like burgers, and pulled pork poutine, and of course the absolute best part about all of this is that you get to pair it with your favorite Quincy Brewing Company beer like a Bayview Blonde or one of their new releases! If you haven't stopped by one of the food truck events that Quincy Brewing Company hosts this sounds like the one you can't miss, just make sure you get there at 1pm because if I get there before you they may be out of Disco Fires because I ordered them all!

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