Marion County residents who are behind on their utility bill payments can find help through Douglass Community Services.

Marion County Commissioners have allocated $90,000 of CARES Act funds to the Hannibal Board of Public Works to provide economic support through a utility assistance program for its customers. Starting September 1, 2020. Douglass Community Services has partnered with HBPW and will be administering the application process. To be eligible, customers must live in, or have a business located in, Marion County and have late utility bills dating no further back than March 1, 2020. Any residential or commercial customer that is having trouble paying their utility bills due to impacts from COVID-19 are encouraged to apply for assistance.

“Families and businesses have a need, now more than ever. We are seeing an increase of new families requesting assistance and unfortunately, we do not have the funding to assist them all. Last month alone, we turned away about 65 families that were requesting financial help. This funding will help us serve families and businesses that have been impacted by COVID," says Stephanie Cooper, Douglass Community Services CEO.


Funds will be distributed in the same order as applications are approved to customers who show they have been adversely impacted financially, due to COVID-19. Eligible customers can receive up to two payments on their account from the program through December 2020, or until all funds have been dispersed. Case managers at Douglas Community Services will work with each applicant to assure eligibility. If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and need help paying your utility bills, contact Douglas Community Services at 573-221-3892.

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