Imagine pulling up to this gas station and expecting to be able to stop and fill up, but instead you are greeted by creepy mannequins instead...

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There is a gas station museum in the town of Clarence, Missouri that is populated entirely by mannequins... I know what you're thinking, that seems terrifying, and yes i agree it does.

According to the gas station in question is actually the Lyle Van Houten's Automotive Museum, it's pictured above but to see more photos of the mannequins just baking in the cars in the hot sun click here! On the website they say...

"The former filling station is actually a public display created by the former operator, Lyle Van Houten. After owning and running the station for over 40 years, Van Houten retired and instead of selling his little garage, simply turned it into a temple devoted to vintage cars and the classic era of American filling stations. The entire station has been immaculately preserved from the historic pumps to the original signage..."

I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE classic cars, I learned to drive at age 15 in 2005 behind the wheel of my dad's 1972 Cadillac DeVille, I come from a classic car loving family. BUT this whole staged mannequin museum idea just gives me the creeps...If it doesn't give you the creeps (you are braver than me) you can go and check it out Clarence, Missouri is only a short 68 mile drive from Quincy, according to my Apple maps, it says you can be there in under an hour, which means I need to move farther away from the mannequins of Clarence, MO.

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