Small town Liberty, Illinois apparently has a "Baby Making" boulder that will help you on your journey to getting pregnant.

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I have only lived in the Quincy, IL area for two and a half years so forgive me if everyone from around here has already heard this story before, or have already been to the boulder, BUT I have just discovered that Liberty, IL has a so called "Baby Making"

According to the website there is a boulder in Liberty, IL that legend has it is suppose to help women get pregnant. On the site there is a comment from a man named Dave who claims to know more about the boulder in the Liberty town square saying...

"It is a glaciated granite boulder, found in a local farmer's field, and dragged here as a conversation piece about 50 years ago. I have heard many stories about it -- the most interesting is that long ago it was used by the Indians of the area in fertility rituals. Any new bride climbing up and sitting on the stone would become pregnant within a year! I can testify that it has worked for my wife and two other local ladies!"

Now there is NO WAY I can confirm if what Dave is saying is true, BUT that is why I wanted to write this article and put it out to you all here in the Quincy area. Do you know if this has any merit or truth to it? I also found a YouTube video of a man who visited the Liberty town square "Baby Making" boulder to see the video click here! 

I have only been out to Liberty a couple times since moving to Quincy, so I have never seen the boulder myself, but if you know more about this "Baby Making" boulder let me know, I'd love to take a trip out there soon to see it!

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