It's a sad commentary on our current society that losers stealing delivery items on porches is on the rise. A genius guy on YouTube has come up with a simple yet brilliant idea that's easy to replicate if you have a small table and a mirror.

According to, 35% of Americans say they have been a victim of porch theft in the past year. That's a staggering number and it's reportedly growing. CNBC confirmed that number of victims, too.

That kind of data is why I love this idea from Impossible Science.

I love the fact that it's a relatively low cost way of making home deliveries a little more safe. I have friends here locally in the tri-states who recently had something lifted off of their porch. The problem has gotten so bad that they now have deliveries sent to their place of work. It's sad that we have to go to those kind of means just to not get robbed.

I must admit that one YouTube comment had an idea that I hate to admit I agree with sometimes in my darker moments:

Simply brilliant! Although I prefer a mercury switch incendiary device that detonates the moment one of these thieving scumbags steals the package!

No, I don't recommend doing that and I haven't done it either - yet. But, the problem of porch theft is infuriating and this guy's simple hack is one of the smarter ways I've seen of dealing with it.

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