Buy your tickets for Caffeine Quarantine! A chance to drink, and taste the best The District has to offer!

If you are they type of person that loves coffee, tea, and all things sweets AND you love trying new types of those items AND learning about the processes that go into making them all, then there is a perfect event happening in Quincy for you!

The event is called "Caffeine Quarantine" and it is being hosted by The District in Quincy! The event is scheduled for January 30th and on their event Facebook page they say...

"January 30th at 9am, join us live as we are walked through coffees, teas, brewing techniques, pairings of chocolates, cheesecakes, and more! All by some of your local favorites. in the best of what Quincy has to offer in the world of caffeine and sweet treats...This is a ticketed event with ALL proceeds going back to the participating businesses. Buy your ticket, and we'll mail you the vouchers for you to take to the businesses to pick up your treats before the tasting on January 30th."

Some of the businesses that are participating in this event are Bubble Cup Tea Zone,
The Candy Factory, Fretboard Coffee, Hi-Tea, Lakota Coffee, Shortwave, Nourish Cafe,
U Knead Sweets.

To see the complete description of this event check out their Facebook event page by clicking here!

To purchase your tickets for "Caffeine Quarantine" click here!

What a cool idea for an event! You can go out and pick up all these different treats and drinks with the vouchers you purchase, then head home watch the live stream and follow along with them as they take you on a two hour tour of what goes into the making of the treats!

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