It seems to be all the rage these days to stay at unique locations. If you're among the many who are after something totally different, I present this. It's an old Missouri grain bin and yes, you really can stay overnight in it.

I have to credit Only In Your State for putting this Missouri grain bin on my radar. They say it's located in Humphreys, Missouri. It inspired me to begin an investigation into what this Airbnb is all about which led to a video a few years back that KSDK in St. Louis shared.

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Here are some highlights to give you an idea of what grain bin glory awaits you if you decide to make a reservation. This is the sign in grandma's yard.

KSDK News via YouTube

Inside, it looks kinda like a grain bin, but fancier.

KSDK News via YouTube

Upstairs is a really decent the top of a grain bin.

KSDK News via YouTube

Just because you're in a grain bin doesn't mean you'll need to do without modern conveniences like satellite TV.

KSDK News via YouTube

If you see this and think "sure, a grain bin sounds like a perfect weekend getaway", the official website doesn't appear to be around anymore, but I did find their official Facebook page where you could contact them for more grain bin information. That's something all of us could use more of in our lives I believe.

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