Tap water in parts of Quincy has tasted “off” since Tuesday, but the City assures its residents that although it may be unpleasant to taste and smell, the water is safe to consume.

City of Quincy officials in conjunction with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency have collected water samples from across the city and tests revealed that drinking the water is not dangerous despite the odd taste.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and are reacting as quickly as possible to address the water taste issue, however at this time we do not have an estimate for resolution of this issue,” Director of Utilities and Engineering, Jeffrey Conte says.

Quincy’s water supply comes from the Mississippi River, or a “surface water”. According to Conte’s statement, all surface waters are susceptible to certain odors and tastes as a result of the reaction between the water, chlorine, and naturally occurring organic materials.

“The city will continue to work closely with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” Conte says.

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