They are a rare combination of cuteness and also danger. A family's security cam video captured two bear cubs wrestling, but their mama was lurking in the background.

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When you live in bear country, you always need to be aware of what's happening around you. This bear family seems to be regular visitors to this family's home based on their description on the video share:

These twin bears visit our property almost daily. In this video, you can see them being playful and 'fighting' with each other while momma bear is in the background.

Yes, watch until the end and you'll see their bear mama wasn't far away.

There is a general misconception that bear mothers are more likely to attack when their cubs are nearby. That's not always true. mentions that grizzly bears might be more aggressive when cubs are around, but black bears don't seem to exhibit this behavior.

They mention that if you hear a bear chuffing or moaning, that means they're feeling anxiety. A black bear may also slam both feet on the ground or bluff charge to establish dominance without attacking. It's not rocket science to simply stay inside and/or away from bears and other predators and give them at least 100 yards of space when possible.

In this case, an innocent moment with cubs playfully sparring which will help them survive once they're older and on their own.

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