Watch as a guy pulls a monster of a catfish out of the Missouri River just outside of the St. Louis area, I had no idea monsters like this existed in that part of the river!

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Wow.... this thing is just a monster, 55 pounds! The YouTube video was uploaded by a user called JJonesProd and shows a guy (presumably JJonesProd) struggling to reel in this massive Flathead Catfish out of the Missouri River. Now in the description for the video they say just "Missouri River fishing..." and nothing about where along the Missouri River this giant flathead catfish was caught, but if you check out the comments section of the video someone asks the question about where along the river this was, and the channel responds with "around St. Charles" so in the suburbs of St. Louis. The YouTube Channel JJonesProd has plenty of other videos of him fishing, you can check them out by clicking here!

I use to watch the show River Monsters all the time, and usually, the host would find monster catfish like this in far-off places, I never expected a giant 55 pounder like this one in the video to be seen just outside of St. Louis! I am not much of a fisherman, I have gone a couple of times with some friends but that is mainly to crack jokes and drink some beers, but seeing videos like this makes me really want to feel what it would be like to hook a monster fish and battle with him before catching and releasing it. What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?

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