It's the kind of adventure in life that many dream about doing, but few accomplish. A Missouri artist from Kansas City canoed the entire Missouri River while painting the sights he saw along the way.

"Let life happen. Embrace what's before you in that moment and just keep paddling".

This is a great interview by KSHB in Kansas City of artist Steve Snell. He calls Kansas City home and decided he would canoe the entire Missouri River which traversed over 2,300 miles and took him 88 days to complete.

Steve put his canoe in the water in Three Forks, Montana and finished the trip in St. Louis, Missouri.

The result? A wall of artistic impressions of life along the Missouri River as he crossed America.

KSHB 41/Steve Snell via YouTube
KSHB 41/Steve Snell via YouTube

This trip was dangerous and he knew that there was risk in what he was trying to do. "That's why I kept going", Steve said..."there was always an unknown and there was also something very fulfilling personally and that's simplicity of my purpose every day".

He explained there was joy in that unknown and not fully understanding what would happen next on his journey.

"Let life happen. Embrace what's before you in that moment and just keep paddling".

He told KSHB that he met a lot of friendly people along the Missouri River during his stops and he'll never forget them. It's quite a quest. I wonder what would happen if more of us stopped the demands of daily life and allowed time for an adventure like this. It seems to have changed this Kansas City artist and his view of the world (and river) around him.

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