Every day that goes by and every game that is played seems to see Albert Pujols hit home runs and break records. That was the case again Monday night as he destroyed career home run 703 and passed Babe Ruth for 2nd in Major League history for career runs batted in.

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Albert Pujols came to the plate in the 6th inning of a scoreless game versus the Pittsburgh Pirates. One swing by Albert later and it wasn't scoreless anymore.

The St. Louis Cardinals shared the celebration in the dugout after home run #703.

His 2-run shot was career home run #703 and RBI #2216. That puts Albert Pujols in 2nd place by himself behind only Hank Aaron passing Babe Ruth for most runs batted in Major League Baseball history. It's worth noting that runs batted in were not tracked in Major League Baseball until 1920 as Wikipedia documents which means there are likely many more for Babe Ruth than were originally counted. They were unofficially tracked by baseball writer Ernest Lanigan.

Albert's home run on Monday versus Pittsburgh follows the day that he and Yadier Molina were honored by the St. Louis Cardinals for their storied careers. Albert's first regular season at-bat in St. Louis in 2001 was a home run. His final regular season at-bat in St. Louis was a home run. Perfect symmetry.

Another day and another Major League Baseball record falls for Albert Pujols.

Inside Yadier Molina's St. Louis Mansion

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