I believe that it can be argued that Ralls County, Missouri has some of the best land in the state. There's a new video that kind of proves my point I believe showing the Spalding Farm that's currently available in that part of the Show Me State.

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This video just got dropped on Vimeo a few days ago. I was not aware that the Spalding Farm was now available, but that appears to be the case according to the video description. Watch this flyover yourself and see if you agree with my Ralls County beauty statement.

Spalding Farm from RealtorPCC on Vimeo.

As the video mentions, the farm has access to the Spring View Trail. There are also no lack of big bucks (deer not money, sorry) in that part of Ralls County. A couple of deer stands are already in place. It appears there's a 7-acre lake on the property which is mighty fine, too. I'd love this place for the trails and creeks alone, but that's just me. I think that secluded pond in the video would be visited by me often with my rod and reel, too.

Keep in mind I'm no Property Brother, so don't take real estate advice from me. I'm just a fan of Ralls County in general anyway so a huge farm in that area that's suddenly available got my attention quick.

I did some Googling and found the listing on the Pioneer real estate website. Asking price as of this writing is $1.4 million dollars. Don't think my piggy bank is gonna make that happen, but maybe yours can. You can check their listing for more details on this sweet part of Missouri.

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