If you haven't heard, donkeys make excellent guards. Don't believe me? One Midwest woman can prove it when her donkey named "Waffles" ended up being hailed as a hero.

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This new video share comes from Scranton, Kansas. Here's what the lady said about her heroic donkey named "Waffles":

Waffles is a livestock guardian donkey who did his job well on this night by alerting me to an goat in distress.

Not only does Waffles wake her up to alert her there's a problem with one of the goats, he stays with the goat while she goes to get bolt cutters to cut them free.

Guard donkeys are seriously a farm thing now. Mother Earth News shared the pros and cons of donkeys as guard animals. That list includes the fact that they are naturally aggressive toward canines (which means coyotes and wolves obviously). They also say that the loud braying of donkeys is often enough to discourage a predator. They say it can be a challenge to get the donkey to socialize with other farm animals before he/she will act as a protector, it's more than worth the trouble once they take ownership of the barnyard.

The negatives depend on the donkey. Not all have the personality of being a protector and may flee in the event of a predator coming on your grounds. Some also won't bother to warn owners of danger. Waffles obviously had no problem waking up his owner to make sure she could free his goat friend.

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