Wanna buy a house? How about the real life mansion once "owned" by the fictional television family that lost all its money and found themselves literally up Schitt's Creek?

The TV series Schitt's Creek followed the fortunes (or lost fortunes) of the Rose family, who were swindled out of their money and had to move from the lap of luxury to a rundown hotel in the Canadian town of Schitt's Creek.

The role of the Rose's mansion was played by the real life La Belle Maison Mansion, in the St. Andrews-Windfields neighborhood of Toronto.

And, according to Top Ten Real Estate Deals.com, that sprawling mansion can be yours.

The La Belle Maison is a 24,000 square foot home, with 14 bedrooms and 16 baths on a half-acre of landscaped grounds.

Though it was built in 2012, the style of La Belle Maison is 17th century, French-inspired, European style.

You name the bell or the whistle, this home has it. Among the features: a banquet hall, a dance floor, a stone patio, a chef's kitchen, an indoor pool, a home theater, a wine cellar, a billiards room and a four story elevator.

Oh, by the way, the mansion the Rose family had to leave so they could go up Schitt's Creek, can be yours for $21,888,000 Canadian dollars ($17 million US).

As Seen on Schitt's Creek - La Belle Maison Mansion For Sale

The mansion where the Schitt's Creek TV family lived before they lost their money is for sale.

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