I am not a fan of anything scary movies, I tried I just can't watch any of them. Well,m if you're a fan of anything horror you may want to see about moving into the house that A Nightmare on Elm Street was filmed.

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The famous house (which ironically is not on Elm Street) is up for sale for $3,250,000. The house was used for the 1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street which was the first movie to introduce us to Freddy Krueger, and here's some movie trivia for you. It was Johnny Depp's screen debut, and the reseason I will never have a waterbed (do they even make those beds anymore?).

The house is updated and modern and described as a  Dutch Colonial-style home. It has 3-bedrooms and 3.5-bathrooms with hardwood floors throughout the home. Nothing like it looked like in 1984. Grand case, built-in shelves, and plenty of workspace options this home is a beautiful home. I promise there won't be three little girls in white jumping rope and singing that Freddy song. Maybe a neighbor might do that around Halloween though, so I guess I can't promise you anything. If you've seen the movie then you know of the last scene with the mom being pulled through the front door window. We'll that door is no longer there. We all know the scene.

YouTube/Where's The Jump?
YouTube/Where's The Jump?

There is a series on Netflix "The Movies That Made Us" and in season three we get all the horror movies including A nightmare on Elm Street and you can see the house in the background. Sadly, the current owners don't have anything related to the movie in the house (that I can see anyway).

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It's a beautiful modern home now, but this house with a green roof was once used in a horror movie.

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