If we were waiting to register for the Bridge the Gap to Health Race, you may want to to get that done sooner then later.

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In order to get an accurate count on medals, the Quincy Medical Group is encouraging runner and walkers to register early. This year's race medal will be the second piece to the 3-interlocking medal that was started in 2019. With the hybrid style of the race this year, letting participants register either for the in-person or virtual option, they don’t want you to miss out. They are asking to register by Wednesday, April 14 to ensure you receive a medal.
Quincy Medical Group
Quincy Medical Group
If you ran the race in 2019, wouldn't you want the second medal to have the complete set. I know I would. Registration is going on now, and if you register by May 1, you save $5 as the price will do up after the first. These interlock medal is really awesome looking, and I would have loved to been able to get the first one.

The Bridge the Gap to Health Race will take place on May 15, with a different route this year due to the Memorial Bridge closure. You have the option of doing an in-person race (with staggered start times) or virtual. The races mission is to help the Quincy Catholic Charities to help those in need receive their prescription medication.

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