When you go camping, what do you look for? If a wild west theme and mini-golf are on the list, I may have found the Illinois campground for you.

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The Grayville KOA Holiday was recently featured by Only In Your State and there's a good reason why. This place is decked-out as far as things to do when you and your RV are wanting to spend quality time together.

A year or two ago, a YouTube channel made the trip to Grayville to camp and also capture video of a meteor shower. They give a good lay of the land as to what this park is like. Pay special attention to the miniature golf course and the wild west themed town.

If you're thinking you'd like to road trip to Grayville Holiday KOA, you need to know that it's so far east, it's practically Indiana.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Considering that they have a wild west shooting gallery and a ton of playsets for kids, you could do a lot worse than this place. The fact that there's ice cream there is an added bonus, too.

According to the KOA website, Grayville is highly-rated and seems to be nice for those who appreciate good electricity. I noticed that the arcade is called "Doc's Shooting Gallery". Perhaps I should pay them a visit? I'd go for the Frontier Mini-Golf alone.

Check out the KOA listing for more pics, details and availability if you're interested.

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