This is proof that even bears need to know their limits. A throwback story tells of a bear who downed zillions of beer on a campground then passed out for a long nap.

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Disclaimer: this is not new, but it's more than worth telling again. This was 18 years ago in Washington state when an apex predator became an apex partier. His beer bender became so notorious it was covered by NBC News.

As the story goes, fish and wildlife officials found a bear sleeping on a campground in Baker Lake Resort which is near Mt. Rainier in Washington state. Get this. The bear had downed 36 BEERS. That's ALL CAPS because that is an achievement most mammals can't achieve.

Here's another funny side note: He drank all Rainier beer, but did not touch any of the Busch beer. He's the bear equivalent of Walt Longmire then! The sheriff of Absoroka County would approve.

According to the NBC News report, they tried to chase the bear off, but he climbed a tree...took a nap and then came back the next day...looking for Rainier of course.

Good times, good times for this big bear back when he threw down more than any man can brag.

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