We have all been there, the breakup and the aftermath in dealing with it. Some of us just bounce right back, others take some tie, but according to a Google Trend search, Illinois residents seem to eat one snack in particular when dealing with a breakup.

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It's not chocolate, ice cream, or any sort of candy, the winner is....popcorn. yeah, kinda surprised me too. Out of everything you could possibly search to eat during a breakup, Illinois residents eat popcorn. Maybe because you can add to it, flavors, candy, chocolate, extra butter, or maybe it's simple and cheap. Whatever the case based on a google trends search, popcorn is the go-to snack for Illinois.

For Missouri, candy is the top search and for Iowa grilled cheese, thank goodness I don't live in Iowa you know how much I dislike cheese. It seems the southern states like North and South Carolina like milkshakes, whereas, Arkansas likes chicken noodle soup, and Delaware indulges in french toast.

Personally, I haven't dealt with a breakup for about 20 years, but I remember I would just eat everything I had in site no matter what it was. I think one time I was so upset I ate four slices of bread, don't worry I worked out extra after that.

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