Stonehenge is located in England, BUT did you know that Missouri has their own very unique version of Stonehenge that has a very nautical vibe to it.

Who doesn't want to travel across the Atlantic ocean to England to go see the oddity known as Stonehenge? It's mythical, fascinating, and could it be from aliens? As much as we all would want to take a trip to England that's not cheap or easy to do, BUT we can all take a trip to Columbia, Missouri which is home to the funny, and very Instagramable "BoatHenge".

According to the fun website BoatHenge is located in Columbia, Missouri is a Boat replica of the iconic Stonehenge in England. On the website they say...

"...the installation consists of six fiberglass boats bursting vertically from the ground and arranged in a semi-lunar formation. Precise mathematical measurements show that their height, width, and depth planted into the earth average to (gasp!) exactly match that of the original, ancient and mysterious Stonehenge located at Wiltshire, England."

To learn more about BoatHenge and to see pictures of the boats for yourself just CLICK HERE!

Honestly I have been to Columbia a couple of times now and I can't believe that no one has told me about this! What a fun weird thing to check out on your next trip to Columbia, it is always fun to check out the wacky, and weird things in Missouri that are close to home here in the Tri-State area. And it to be fair once you go you can technically cross off Stonehenge from your bucket list, because they are basically the same thing right?

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