The most recognizable house in American history is only a short 106 mile drive away from Quincy in the tiny town of Eldon, Iowa.

The fun and fascinating website called finds things for you to do in whatever state you are planning on traveling too, and I learned that this small town of Eldon, Iowa which according to google maps is only 106 mile drive from Quincy, is home to the American Gothic house!

On the website they say...

"...Originally owned by Charles Dibble, an Eldon resident who lived here with his wife and eight children, the ‘Dibble’ house is known for its classic Carpenter Gothic design and the Gothic windows that adorn the upper level – apparently, the motivation behind American “Gothic.”...The house was donated to the State Historical Society of Iowa in 1991 by the last owner, Carl Smith."

To read more about the house that inspired the classic American painting, and to see pictures click here! 

First off, how cool is it that the house in that painting is inspired by a real house (I had no idea!), second, if you look at the pictures on the website it looks exactly like the house in the painting, and third, it's not even a two hour drive to get there from the Quincy area! To be honest I have never considered myself much of an art lover, but American Gothic is so legendary and iconic, everyone knows it, loves it, and has recreated it in movies and pop culture, that having a chance to see the house that inspired part of the painting is something I really want to do!

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