From the outside, it looks like a church, but once you walk inside you are surrounded by a beautiful bed & breakfast.

The church can be found on one of the famous roads in America, Route 66 in Carlinville Illinois. The website says that the church was starts in 1868 and was a former German Catholic Church known famous by a lot of people. Inside the former church was renovated into a magical b&b,m it really looks like Aladdin's Castle. From bright colors to the arches throughout the church and the stars on the ceiling, it really is a magical place to stay.

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Over $1 million was put into converting this church into a bed & breakfast hotspot on Route 66. The sanctuary hall was turned into a dining room/event space, there are thousands of gold stars on the cathedral ceiling that makes the room look like you're sitting outside looking up into the stars. Stunning stain-glass throughout the b&b and just a unique way of traveling the famous interstate and staying in a unique b&b.

The magical b8b is listed as a three-bedroom three-full bathroom and one-half bath for $495,000, which I think is a really good price considering how much money was spent to make this a place to a bed & breakfast its a steal. And you on one of the most famous roads in America, you will definitely make a good investment in purchasing this building.

Photos of Route 66 Church Turned B&B For Sale

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