Here’s the best bargain you’re going to find in Hannibal for Airbnb options. The listing is for an entire mansion from the Guilded Age, located on Millionaire’s Row, with four bedrooms that can sleep 10 people. It’ll only run you $143 a night—compare that price to getting a couple of soulless hotel rooms with no personality or rich history.

In fact, the Airbnb site has some incredible and very diverse options for Hannibal. It lists 48 spaces, though a few of them are actually in the Quincy area and not Hannibal.

Another option for an entire mansion is the Admiral Fuqua House, also on Millionaire’s Row. This Italianate mansion was built in 1879, at a time when Hannibal was awash with new money. It is the former home of Admiral Samuel Fuqua who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions aboard the SS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is available for $275 for a night’s stay.


Here's a neat space that sleeps six. Stonehill Stables is a farm-based lodging house that has served families since 1826. For $130 per night, at Stonehill Stables you will see horses, goats, a miniature pony, and a miniature donkey. There is a creek to wade in and frogs to catch. A playground and pool are available and at night you can sit around a firepit.

I love this next Airbnb room called The Royal Suite. Just look at the picture and you see visions of romance and indulgence. The chandeliers, the clawfoot tub…ahhh! When I toured this spot that overlooks historic Main Street, I never wanted to leave.


Other listings on Airbnb for Hannibal include a house entirely decked out in a Mark Twain theme. You can also stay at this tiny little cabin on the Salt River at $80 a night.


Quincy also has lots of options, including one room that goes for just $33 a night. There’s a Batman room too, if you’re a comic book fan.

The thing you need to be aware of if you book with Airbnb are the extra costs. You may score a good deal on nightly rates, but you’ll be responsible for cleaning and service fees in addition to occupancy taxes. That can add another hundred dollars or more for your stay.

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