This isn't one of those cases where you're #1 and brag about it. Illinois is ranked as the state with the most nuclear waste in storage and there isn't even a close second.

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I saw this interesting post on the Illinois sub-Reddit complete with a map.

I vetted the info and ranking on the map and it's right on. Sadly. C-Net listed the "top" states for nuclear waste storage and Illinois is #1 with 10,180 metric tons of waste that will make you glow in the dark. They included this terse description of where it's located:

About 1,000 tons of highly radioactive waste is reportedly stored in a containment pool on the Zion Nuclear Power Station property, and there's no plan for how to deal with it permanently. General Electric owns the country's only high-level nuclear waste storage site, called the Morris Operation, in Grundy County, Illinois.

That's good news, right? Nope. In defense of the state of Illinois, I don't have a brilliant solution to the nuclear waste problem either. However, I do know it's a bad thing when real life starts resembling an early 1980's Chevy Chase movie. Did you ever see Modern Problems? I did and it was a terrible movie (but the scene at the ballet is classic), but that's still better than the reality of having nuclear waste under our feet.

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