For many, it will remain the one place where some of the best concerts in tri-state history happened. It's no longer there, but there's drone video that shows the Hannibal Riverfront Amphitheater when it was still down by the river.

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As I've shared before, the Hannibal Riverfront Amphitheater was the site of some epic concerts starting in the mid-1980's and continuing into the early 90's. The first concert I remember was Sam & Dave on May 31, 1985 and a who's who of great bands/artists continued through a Pantera/Skid Row show on May 17, 1992.

As the Hannibal Courier-Post shared back in 2018, the pavilion was eventually moved to downtown Hannibal by the Jaycees. This drone video which I've just now come across shows the remnants of what used to be the Hannibal Riverfront Amphitheater when it was still down by the river.

So much overgrowth before it was moved. It was like nature had reclaimed the riverfront area. As I recall, there was a gravel parking area to the right side of the stage which was for staff/bands only. I watched several artists including Lita Ford who went for walks along the river before performing.

I can't recall now the issues that caused the shows to stop. I know George Thorogood took exception to the noise ordinance in Hannibal. No doubt economics of paying large amounts of money for artists leading to even higher ticket prices made it a hard venue to maintain. It was fun while it lasted, but we'll likely never see any live venue like it ever again.

It was a different era for concerts in the Hannibal/Quincy area. For many of us, it will remain the best times we remember.

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